Kid Pushed Out Of Window During Fight At Shrewsbury High School

Apparently today (Tuesday 3/18) two students at Shrewsbury High School got in a fight. The altercation got so messed up that one kid got pushed out of a second floor glass window and landed on a ledge that sits on the side of the school, and had to be hospitalized. No further word is known about what happened in terms of disciplinary action.



This story is so shocking. When you think about it there are so many things that could have gone wrong. First of all lets think about the glass. Now I’m not an architectural person, but I imagine the glass they use in buildings of this type is strong, so imagine the force needed to break the window. The second thing is the ledge. How lucky was this kid that the window he fell out of had a ledge. I mean just if he fell two stories it could have been much worse.

This is just shocking horrible news.




  1. Wow. So much for the days of a couple punches thrown after school.

    I sincerely hope the kid doing the throwing is being charged with attempted murder because that’s exactly what he (I assume, perhaps incorrectly, it was a boy ) tried to do.

  2. The kid who pushed the other kid out the window only got a 10 day suspension… we have great disciplinary rules at SHS… he’ll probably just come back in a few days though, they never keep what they say when in comes to discipline

  3. If this incident had happened at a Worcester Public School it would have been front page news. But because it happened in Shrewsbury, no one hears a word. Funny…,,

  4. Is a fight between kids not normal?
    Why do people think this was an intentional push?
    Please don’t overreact to accidents, but do make sure to see intentional actions as accidents.

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