One of my favorite parts of any music festival is discovering new artists. I mean lets face it, what’s better than discovering a group before they blow up? When Bonnaroo announced their lineup, I knew it was that time of year to check out some of lesser-known artists on the bill, and that’s where we can find this week’s artist.

This weeks Artist of the Week is an American indie-rock trio from Cleveland, Ohio, Cloud Nothings. After dropping out of college in 2009, founder Dylan Baldi began to focus on recording music, leading to the release of the groups first few songs via his MySpace page. This led to the group’s discovery, bringing sudden recognition from fans of the genre. After releasing their first full-length album in 2010, “Turning On,” the group has gone on to release two more full-length albums, including a self-titled album “Cloud Nothings” as well as “Attack on Memory.” After recording for some time at a studio in Hoboken, New Jersey the group has confirmed their fourth studio album, titled “Here and Nowhere Else” which will be released in the coming year.

Cloud Nothings bring a new age rock sound combining aspects of their indie rock roots with a lo-fi, hardcore sound. Their sound, comparable to The Strokes or some vintage Arctic Monkeys, delivers what the genre is looking for with this bold new band. Personally, they give off such a vintage punk sound, reminding me so much of The Clash, Joy Division and even the Ramones, just my opinion. The trio brings together handfuls of great riffs combined with bits of melodic musical insanity, and if that doesn’t make sense check out their song “Wasted Days” and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

After being blown away by how unique their sound was, I couldn’t help but think to myself how sick they must be live. It’s easy to tell when artists seriously get into their music, making it wicked easy to give the listener the feel that they would kill it every time they take the stage.I’d highly suggest checking out their 2012 album, “Attack on Memory”. Up and down there is nothing missing from the album. When talking about specific songs, you can’t go wrong with listening to “Fall In,” “I’m Not Part of Me,” “Stay Useless” and my personal favorite “Wasted Days.” Check out Cloud Nothings, listen to it, love it, rock out to it, and support one hell of an American grown band. Can’t wait to see these guys this summer at Roo.

Michael Tozeski



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