Could There Really Be A Ghost at This Gilford, NH Store?


SO… A few days ago this video was uploaded to the internet, and since then it has been racking up views. Apparently a ghost comes into the store at the 53 second mark, and shortly after a bowl falls. Is this just pure coincidence? Is it a ghost? Or was it fishing line?

Could it be a coincidence that there was a flash of light and a bowl falling. Yes that is plausible, but in such a quick motion I would say that it’s very doubtful. So could it be a ghost? I’m not going to try to even rap my head around ghosts, but thats the only thing I can think of. I’ve also watched it over and over again, and its definitely not fishing line or string… SO the only thing I can think of is a ghost…. Better call Ghostbusters



Who Wants To Buy A Replica of a 17th Century Cannon?!?!?



(T&G)- In 1625, Sweden’s King Gustav II Adolf ordered four new ships to be built. Vasa, the first of the four, was his vision of the greatest warship that had ever existed. Sadly, that vision collapsed when Vasa sank in 1628, during her maiden voyage. Centuries later, when Millbury native Thomas Ward was tasked with re-creating one of Vasa’s 24-pounder cannons for the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, he faced a daunting endeavor of his own.  After receiving his bachelor’s of fine arts in sculpture from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2011, Mr. Ward sought a new challenge. He applied for and was awarded a prestigious Fulbright research grant. Originally, he had planned to work with “historical reproduction axe and tool smithing.” 
However, that “opportunity fell through and by some very good luck and sending a lot of emails, I fell into this project at the right time,” Mr. Ward said.  He arrived in Stockholm in 2012 and embarked on a creative journey that lasted a little more than a year.  The Vasa Museum, which houses the salvaged naval ship, challenged Mr. Ward to put his sculpting skills to the test. Not only did the museum want Mr. Ward to reproduce one of Vasa’s 24-pounder cannons, it wanted him to make a functional reproduction that could be tested on a firing range. Because the Vasa 24-pounder cannon was the heavy weapon of choice by the Swedish military during the Thirty Years’ War, the museum hoped to better understand the capability of the cannon and, consequently, naval warfare in the first half of the 17th century.  Mr. Ward soon realized what an immense task he had before him. While “24-pounder” refers to the weight of the cannon shot, the Vasa 24-pounder cannon itself weighs approximately 3,000 pounds and is 10 feet long. Since the original cannons were in very rough condition, Mr. Ward was charged with making the patterns to create the cannon and all of its intricate parts and ornamentation. He also needed to help solve the many technical problems that arose from re-creating 1620s heavy weaponry. “The main challenge was reverse engineering a 17th-century piece of technology,” said Mr. Ward, who is now back in Millbury. “I had to take a 17th-century object and learn about its process of creation; take that and apply it to modern foundry technology to make a functionally identical object.” 


Alright so lets look at this from two angles the serious, and the not so serious. First the serious. This is amazing! To take all this time to create something that is so unique is truly a special thing, and the artists is for sure a brilliant man. The intricacies of this Cannon must have been hell to recreate, but amazingly Ward did it.

Now the less serious side: How awesome would it be to own a cannon? I’d wake up every morning and blast the 1812 overture like it was the fourth of July at the Hatch Shell! I mean thats better than coffee or a wake up call, and it sure as hell beats a rooster. Imagine how fun having this at a party would be too.  Just shooting beer cans and anything else you want into the ether.

Is This Kurt Cobain Statue The Creepiest Thing You’ve Seen Today?



(Vice)–  As you may have seen from the Facebook statuses of your friends who haven’t bought a new album in 15 years, yesterday would have been Kurt Cobain’s 47th birthday. But of course, he is not 47. He killed himself in 1994. He’s dead. People stop aging when they’re dead and that’s sort of how age works. But in honor of the day, Cobain’s hometown of Aberdeen, WA, a place Cobain once called “Twin Peaks without the excitement,” a town he said he was run out of and “chased up to the castle of Aberdeen with torches just like the Frankenstein monster” named February 20 “Kurt Cobain Day” and honored their hometown “hero” by a performance from local band, Gebular, a speech by his first guitar teacher, Warren Mason, and an appearance by original Nirvana drummer, Whatshisface McReallyblewit. Oh and also the unveiling of a horribly gaudy statue of him at the Aberdeen Museum of History


So I’m a big fan of tributes. The Bill Russell tribute statue and the Bobby Orr statue are two of my favorite things, but to be honest they’re both still alive so their statues aren’t creepy. Neither is the Late Ted Williams’ statue outside of Fenway Park, but this; this is creepy… I mean first of all the statue is very realistic looking. But the tear… That just adds this odd aura which I don’t like. It really freaks me out to the point that I could only look at it for a short while.

So this leads to another important debate. Should people be allowed to create images of deceased people, and interpret them with this type of emotion? Are the tears necessary?

Kid Pushed Out Of Window During Fight At Shrewsbury High School

Apparently today (Tuesday 3/18) two students at Shrewsbury High School got in a fight. The altercation got so messed up that one kid got pushed out of a second floor glass window and landed on a ledge that sits on the side of the school, and had to be hospitalized. No further word is known about what happened in terms of disciplinary action.



This story is so shocking. When you think about it there are so many things that could have gone wrong. First of all lets think about the glass. Now I’m not an architectural person, but I imagine the glass they use in buildings of this type is strong, so imagine the force needed to break the window. The second thing is the ledge. How lucky was this kid that the window he fell out of had a ledge. I mean just if he fell two stories it could have been much worse.

This is just shocking horrible news.


Well I Just Heard The Best News Ever! Thank You CNN!


(Newsday)- Piers Morgan is kaput. CNN has confirmed the story that Morgan himself confirmed to The New York Times about an hour ago. The blunt and unlovely statement: “CNN confirms that Piers Morgan Live is ending. The date of the final program is still to be determined.”Morgan did what he pretty much had to do — put on a good face in an interview with the Times’ David Carr, who knew the score of this game long ago, too, or, as Carr precisely and accurately puts it in his scoop: 

“It’s been an unhappy collision between a British television personality who refuses to assimilate — the only football he cares about is round and his lectures on guns were rife with contempt — and a CNN audience that is intrinsically provincial.”

 Morgan told the Times: “Look, I am a British guy debating American cultural issues, including guns, which has been very polarizing, and there is no doubt that there are many in the audience who are tired of me banging on about it,” he said. “That’s run its course and Jeff and I have been talking for some time about different ways of using me.” “Jeff” is Jeff Zucker, CNN chief.  Meanwhile, a Times of London story said Morgan may have taken the fall for his anti-gun stance. Good for Morgan, but apparently the Times of London has never heard of “ratings” — as in “pretty darned not good.” 

Well thank you CNN. I was getting sick of this red coat bitching about political issues that are purely American. I mean he played a good devils advocate, but he took the whole war cry against guns a little too far to the point where he’d be interviewing someone about an unrelated issue, and then all of a sudden he’d drop in a question about guns.

Now Peirs, we defeated your country twice once during the American Revolution and the second time during the War of 1812 (although most Brits would say its a draw.) Right after we beat your beautiful country we ratified something called the constitution, and that is a legal document that since  September 17, 1787 has been our countries backbone. Now this constitution has a bill of rights. With a beautiful second amendment that reads:

“AMENDMENT II: A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Thus your arguments were pointless, and you wasted many viewers’ time. You should know this is America and we love two things Football that is played with pads and helmets and guns. So with that I say goodbye Mr. Morgan and don’t let the door hit you on your way out.



Arizona Town Infested With Stray Chihuahuas… Wait What?


(ABC)- Stray chihuahuas are causing a canine conundrum in the west Phoenix neighborhood of Maryvale, Ariz. Not only are animal control officers worried about the health threats from dog bites and unsanitary conditions from feces, but local Phoenix tv station KSAZ says it’s hard for kids to walk to school. Maryvale resident Ray Rios told the tv station “they are out here chasing kids or going yard to yard . . . anywhere in groups of eight to twelve just running around.” BC 15 reports Phoenix-area animal sheltershave dealt with an overflow of chihuahuas in the past. Even the Arizona Chihuahua Rescue Organization says all its foster homes are full. Animal Care and Control officers blame overpopulation. “Part of it is these animals aren’t spayed or neutered, so they’re out looking for a mate and are having babies, which also contributes to the problem,” Melissa Gable, spokeswoman for Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, told ABC News. Residents who spot one of these stray dogs should try to safely trap them in a fenced-in yard and call animal control, Gable also told ABC News. Chihuahuas are an alert breed, but can be sensitive to cold, according to the American Kennel Club. The Arizona Chihuahua Rescue Organization says people should dress this breed in protective clothes when temperatures drop under 45 degrees. If you live in the area and are interested in adoption, head to

So Sochi better listen up here because this is how you deal with a dog problem. You don’t exterminate the poor pooches, but catch them and put them in homes. You Russian nuts can’t do anything right, but here in the U.S.A. we do things the right way (Except for anything that goes through the Florida Judicial System i.e. Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman.) So take that Mr. Putin and learn how a real superpower does. The cold war may be over, but we were definitely the victors.

Now back to the article. Now this whole thing is hilarious little Chihuahuas running the streets of Arizona in gangs attacking kids. I mean the mental picture is funny and terrifying all at the same time, but lets hope that this issue gets resolved, and that these dogs find homes.

Kansas’ Wicked Witch Strikes Again Denying services to same-sex couples


(CNN) — Denying services to same-sex couples may soon become legal in Kansas. House Bill 2453 explicitly protects religious individuals, groups and businesses that refuse services to same-sex couples, particularly those looking to tie the knot. It passed the state’s Republican-dominated House on Wednesdaywith a vote of 72-49, and has gone to the Senate for a vote. Such a law may seem unnecessary in a state where same-sex marriage is banned, but some Kansas lawmakers think different. They want to prevent religious individuals and organizations from getting sued, or otherwise punished, for not providing goods or services to gay couples — or for not recognizing their marriages or committed relationship as valid. This includes employees of the state. 

Read The Rest of The Article Here

So the small minded state of Kansas has decided to pass a bill that allows certain businesses to  refuse service to same-sex couples. Now Kansas is not that nice of a state, I mean who would want to move there to begin with, but why do these legislatures feel its ok to go into the way back machine, and start segregation again…

It’s simply ridiculous, and to the members of Kansas’ house of representatives I say shame on you. You’re violating the civil rights of a group of people, and that to me tells  myself and the population that you clowns don’t deserve a public position, as you are passing a bill based on fear and hate. And that is angering. So Kansas legislature, better keep your head, don’t forget what your good book said.



What Better Way To Kick Off The Day Than Watching the FBI, CIA, and Delta Force Kidnap a Terrorist!

Well happy Tuesday everyone, and it’s a fine Tuesday at that. You might wonder why I’m so chipper. Well its because we just captured a terrorist. He might not be Osama Bin Laden, but this asshole is Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai, an Al Qaeda militant with connections to a number of terrorist groups. As seen in the video after stopping his car in front of his house, two vans pull up near his vehicle and boom  American special forces agents. and the scum of the Earth, Al-Ruqai was thrown into a van and driven away. Good job to our military.


Charles Tillman Is a Real Class Act


If this next story doesn’t tell you something about Charles Tillman’s character I don’t know what will.

Tillman received the  the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year award on saturday  at the NFL Honors Show which was held at Radio City Music Hall.Tillman’s no stranger to philanthropic work. In his spare time he and his wife run the Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation, the Charles’ Locker program that provides support for pediatric hospital patients and their families, and the Tiana Fund, which provides grant money to families in need.

But it turns out, Tillman was not done giving, and on Sunday morning he sent out this tweet

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 12.32.18 AM

Which was followed by this tweetScreen Shot 2014-02-07 at 2.41.49 AM

Doltz’s friend Neeraj Singh was the man that made it happen, and by kickoff Greg Doltz was sitting in Metlife stadium watching the Super Bowl. Talk about an awesome friend, and a great recipient.

The Doltz family and many others have given up so much for our country, it just reminds us how much we have to be thankful for, and how much we need to support our troops and their families.

For ways you can help our veterans check out these charities:

(These veterans charities received an A or A+ grade from CharityWatch, a charity watchdog group that analyzes charities’ financial reports)

Armed Services YMCA

Fisher House Foundation

Homes for our Troops

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

National Military Family Organization

Operation Homefront

Is This The Coolest Pope Ever


Just in time for Lent: Pope Francis is presented with a life-sized chocolate statue of himself at the Vatican

With Lent just a few weeks away, chocolate may be among the treats Pope Francis plans to give up for the religious fasting. So he may want to start tucking into this chocolate gift now – a life-sized version of himself moulded out of 1.5tons of Cocoa from Atitlan, in Guatemala, central America. The Pope was presented with the unique chocolate statue of himself in the Vatican by a group of 20 amateurs chocolatiers yesterday. Students on a course at the Accademia of Maestri Cioccolatieri, near Venice, Italy, spent four weeks creating the chocolate statue in the Pope’s image. The students picked the Pope as the person they wanted to make out of chocolate because of his popularity since he was elected the Bishop of Rome in March last year.Chocolate pope: The statue was made by amateur chocolatiers with 1.5 tons of cocoa from Atitlan in Guatemala But the Pope’s simple tastes in food is well documented, so it is unlikely he will try a piece of his chocolate statue.Hailing from Flores, a middle-class neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Pope Francis grew up in a city famous for its meaty cuisine. But he is said to favour frugal, healthy meals made up up fruit, salads and skinless chicken.While he admits to occasionally indulging in an espresso or a glass of wine, but he rarely eats any rich foods.  So perhaps the statue will end up raising money for charity – much like the Pope’s former Harley Davidson which sold for £200,000 at auction yesterday.  The head of the Catholic Church decided to auction off the Dyna Super Glide bike and donate the funds to Caritas Roma, a charity which supports those in need around the world.  The 1,585cc Harley Davidson went under the hammer yesterday at Bonhams’ Grand Palais auction with an estimate of just £10,000. But the prospect of owning a bike belonging to the Pope became too much for many, sending bidding through the roof.  Potential buyers in the room, on the phone and online battled it out for the bike, with offers soon crossing the 100,000 euro (£83,000) mark. Bids continued to come with an online customer winning the auction, paying a staggering 210,000 euros (£175,000). Premiums took the final price to £200,976.

Is this the coolest Pope of all time. The answer is definitely a yes. First of all the guy use to drive a Harley, and then auctioned it off for charity yesterday. Last week he made it on to the cover of Rolling Stone, and now he has a life size chocolate statue. this pope is a boss I mean how awesome is that.