2014 Winter Olympics

Here’s The Final Medal Count….

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Now that the Sochi Olympics are over you probably thought that I’d be done with my whole, “I hate Russia. I don’t care if they say that they’re not communists. The KGB is alive and well” schpele. Well you would be wrong… I mean look at the final Medal count. This had to be fixed. I mean Putin must have been embarrassed that his country which was hosting didn’t top the charts. Thus he fixed the games, probably threatened some judges, and eventually Russia ended up with the most Gold and Silver medals, and the top total Medal count. There’s no way that is not fixed. I smell a conspiracy here, and there’s only one man that can be behind it.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ri

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Why We All Love Zdeno Chara

(Wall Street Journal) –Which athlete has been the most photographed at the Winter Games? It might be 6-foot-9 hockey player Zdeno Chara. Athletes including Canadian pairs skater Kirsten Moore-Towers, U.S. skater Ashley Wagner and Japanese ski jumper Atsuko Tanaka have posted photos to Twitter and Instagram with the Slovakia and Boston Bruins defenseman, who also happens to be the tallest player in NHL. On Monday afternoon, Chara visited the Iceberg Skating Palace with some Slovakian teammates to watch short-track speed skating. When asked what he thought about being so popular among his fellow athletes, Chara demurred. “I don’t know,” he said. “If that’s the case, I feel very honored.” Chara said the requests for photos wasn’t a bother for him. “Every athlete who is here as an Olympian is a hero to me,” he said. Slovakia’s hockey team begins its Olympic run against the U.S. on Thursday.

Well who would think that the most photographed man during the olympics would be the Bruins’ own, Zdeno Chara. And most star athletes would probably gloat about it, yet Chara stays humble and just lets it roll off like its no big deal this says a lot about him as a player, and a lot about his personal charchter and the brand of athletes that we have in Boston. Class for days.


Sochi Medal Update

Well here it is. A week into the Olympics and the U.S. is at a very low 4th place in the standings. What does this mean? Well duh it means we have to crush everyone in our path. Win a medal in all events wether it be Gold, Silver, or Bronze. We need to win. The U.S. is the greatest nation in the world and the best sports nation so lets keep that going. I mean we crushed the Germans in both World Wars. This means we can certainly do it again.


How Can You Not Love The Jamaican Bobsled Team?


(NY TIMES)- KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia — When Winston Watts put on his helmet to begin Jamaica’s first trip down an Olympic bobsled track in 12 years, he was surprised by what he felt in his eyes. It was not tears of emotion; no, this substance was grittier and chalkier. After a moment, he figured it out: he had protein powder dribbling down his face. “Our bags were lost on the flight over,” he explained at the end of Thursday’s training session. “They showed up at midnight last night. But everything was opened. I don’t know who it was — security, I guess — they opened up everything. The bottle was sealed, too — they took off the top and broke the seal and powder was everywhere.”Despite the powder in his eyes — and a travel nightmare that included a connecting flight through Kennedy Airport that was diverted because of snow in the New York metropolitan area — Watts maintained relentless positivity. He and his brakeman, Marvin Dixon, missed the first day of bobsled training because their equipment arrived late, but that did not damper Watts’s spirit. As something of a celebrity ambassador for bobsled because of the popularity of the cult-classic film “Cool Runnings,” Watts said he believed the Jamaicans’ presence enhanced the mood of the entire bobsled community.“When Jamaica is not around, they are not happy — we make people smile all the time,” he said. “We are loving and caring. We are from the sunshine!” Certainly the Jamaicans’ popularity is undeniable. After qualifying for the Sochi Games, Watts and Dixon began a fund-raising drive — mostly via the Internet — to raise money for better equipment and other expenses that come with competing in the Olympics. The efforts raised about $178,000, Watts said, a figure that far exceeded their expectations and ultimately led the Jamaicans to politely ask their fans to stop donating.“We are not greedy,” Watts said. “Our fans were amazing and we are here and we have better equipment. We are happy.” Watts would not speculate on how well he thought he and Dixon would do in the two-man bobsled competition, which begins Feb. 16. He did, however, point out that his country has a strong history of going fast on tracks, albeit of a slightly different sort. When asked if Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter who has dominated the world track and field circuit, would make a suitable bobsled teammate, Watts beamed. Watts said that he had not heard from Bolt — “He’s a busy guy, he doesn’t have any time to text me” — but that he would surely welcome him if Bolt ever decided to seek Olympic glory in the winter instead of the summer.“He could be a very good pusher,” Watts said. “But I think he’s not a person who likes cold.”

If theres nothing better than a story about the Jamaican bobsled team to start the day than I don’t know what is. I mean how can you not love these guys. They were down and out, had a terrible trip, and didn’t have enough gear yet they’re keeping a positive attitude so honestly I’m rooting for these guys. I mean how can you not love the Jamaican bobsled team. You can’t say that without a smile on your face.


Disgusting Sochi Olympic Organizers Hire Pest Control Firm To Exterminate Stray Dogs During Winter Olympics

Stray dog Sochi

(The Guardian)-  A pest control company in the Winter Olympics host city of Sochi has been given a contract to exterminate dogs during the Games. Alexei Sorokin, director general of Basya Services, said his company was involved in the “catching and disposing” of dogs. Thousands of stray dogs are roaming the streets of Sochi, according to Sorokin, who said some were biting children. He said he attended a rehearsal of the Olympic opening ceremony last week and saw a stray dog walking in on the performers. “A dog ran into the Fisht Stadium; we took it away,” he said. “God forbid something like this happens at the actual opening ceremony. This will be a disgrace for the whole country.” Stray dogs are not uncommon in Sochi and the surrounding area, and many tend to gather near construction sites where they are likely to get food and shelter from workers. Some have been able to get inside the Olympic Park.Sorokin’s company operates in the Krasnodar region, including Sochi. He refused to say how many dogs it killed each year, calling it a commercial secret. Last year a politician from the Krasnodar region supported the dog culling. Sergei Krivonosov said taking the dogs off the street was Russia’s “responsibility to the international community and their elimination is the quickest way to solve this problem”. He conceded, however, that this was not the most humane way of dealing with the problem, and said authorities should encourage dog shelters. Sochi city hall announced a contract to catch and dispose of stray dogs in Sochi, but animal activists protested against the move. Authorities pledged to give up the practice and build animal shelters for stray dogs instead. Activists say there is no evidence that a shelter has been built.

I know the Cold War is over, but this makes me think that the Russian authorities are the worst people in the entire world. I mean the one thing that pisses me off more than people that hurt kids, are people that hurt animals, and these Russian officials are doing just that so needless to say I’m pissed off. Who does that? Can’t these bone headed Olympic organizers do what Animal Planet Does during the Super Bowl, a puppy olympics of some sort, just instead of cute pampered pooches we can watch these lovable stray  dogs run around on mountains, or something. I mean give me a break. Here ends the rant.


P.S. The puppy bowl might have been more exciting than the actual Super Bowl…