WELL THANK GOD! The Bruins are back starting tonight on the road in Buffalo. Even with Tuukka not making the trip I think that the Bruins are going to put a loyal beat down on the last place 16 and 34, Sabres . I mean the olympics was fun, and all but it felt like a twisted all-star game every time you’d turn on the TV so thank god the boys in Black and Gold are back!


Why We All Love Zdeno Chara

(Wall Street Journal) –Which athlete has been the most photographed at the Winter Games? It might be 6-foot-9 hockey player Zdeno Chara. Athletes including Canadian pairs skater Kirsten Moore-Towers, U.S. skater Ashley Wagner and Japanese ski jumper Atsuko Tanaka have posted photos to Twitter and Instagram with the Slovakia and Boston Bruins defenseman, who also happens to be the tallest player in NHL. On Monday afternoon, Chara visited the Iceberg Skating Palace with some Slovakian teammates to watch short-track speed skating. When asked what he thought about being so popular among his fellow athletes, Chara demurred. “I don’t know,” he said. “If that’s the case, I feel very honored.” Chara said the requests for photos wasn’t a bother for him. “Every athlete who is here as an Olympian is a hero to me,” he said. Slovakia’s hockey team begins its Olympic run against the U.S. on Thursday.

Well who would think that the most photographed man during the olympics would be the Bruins’ own, Zdeno Chara. And most star athletes would probably gloat about it, yet Chara stays humble and just lets it roll off like its no big deal this says a lot about him as a player, and a lot about his personal charchter and the brand of athletes that we have in Boston. Class for days.


Bruins Pile On To Canucks’ Misery


Ever since the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals I’ve felt a fiery hate towards the Vancouver Canucks. So as you can imagine last nights 3-1 win over the Canucks made me very happy, especially since it was the Canucks fifth loss in a row and the Bruins seventh win in nine games, putting them six points over the lightning in the Atlantic Division Standings, and with two games to go before the Winter Olympic break things are looking very good for the black and gold.

Last nights game was a good one, not to boring, but not overly exciting. The game seemed to be cruising right along when Milan Lucic scored his 16th goal of the season early in the first period. The game remained competitive how ever and moved at a steady clip when Jarome Iginla scored a goal on the power play. The Bruins sealed their win up towards the end of the second period when Daniel Paille came off of the Bruins’ bench, and  Boychuk passed Paille the puck, and Paille capitalized on the possession and scored. A nice 3-1 one win for the Black and Gold