Artist Of The Week: ZZ Ward


One of the most unique sounds coming out of the music industry is Oregon’s, ZZ Ward. I also took some time to download her four track EP, Criminal, and was blown by its overall style and soul. It had modern hooks like those you’d hear from Adele or Grace Potter, but also the sole of Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, and Big Mama Thorton. Needless to say I was impressed.

Her song, “Til the Casket Drops” was what originally drove me towards Ward, but once I discovered her song, “Put the Gun Down”, I was hooked. She has a unique energy that is all her, but takes modern music and combines her blues influences that were instilled by her father at a young age, and creates a magical mix of new and old, a perfect combo. By far my favorite track that shows Ward’s melting of the two styles is the soulful, “Criminal” which features a hip hop like beat, but keeps a very classy R&B feel.

Hollywood Records has something special on their roster with Ward. I hope they let her grow as an artist in a natural way. She has a lot of talent, and I also believe she will have a great deal of crossover appeal. It’s rare to see that combination, but Ward has it and knows what to do with it.

Ward will be playing Bonnaroo this summer so be sure to check her out!

Check Out The Music Video for “Put The Gun Down” Below:



Bonnaroo 2014 Lineup Release


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and something like a holiday. Last night, Bonnaroo Music and Arts festival held their annual line up release extravaganza. The Bonnaroo Lineup Announcement Megathon, also known as BLAM!, was held last night through the Bonnaroo website. The preshow started at 7pm and consisted of a montage of videos of live performances over the past few years at Roo. All of the songs that were played were not original songs, but instead covers. It helped to relive some of the most memorable moments at Bonnaroo such as Ben Folds covering Dr. Dre’s “Bitches Ain’t Shit” and fun. covering The Rolling Stone’s “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.”

At 9pm BLAM! was underway. Comedians Taren Killam and Hannibal Buress started in an absolutely obscure video where they attended party where The Flaming Lips and Ben Folds rocked the stage together in their own Superjam. Over the course of the half hour the bands were released.

Headlining the festival this year are the legendary Elton John and Jack White. The third headliner came as a surprise and, in my opinion a pretty big let down, Kanye West. Kanye is infamous at Bonnaroo due to his 2008 performance after coming on stage five hours late after refusing to play because his light show wasn’t going to look good enough. Over the past six years, signs like “Fuck Kanye” can be seen throughout the festival, and most of the time located on the port potties. But maybe this six-year hiatus from Roo is what is needed to make Kanye’s worth it? The verdict is still out. Under the headliners, the lineup is off the hizzy. Vampire Weekend, The Avett Brothers, Phoenix, Skrillex, Arctic Monkeys, Frank Ocean, The Flaming Lips, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Kaskade, Neutral Milk Hotel, Wiz Khalifa, Fitz & The Tantrums, Cake, Zedd and The Naked and Famous will all be greatly welcomed to the Farm this summer. And there are even more artists that will be there, ranging from classic rap such as Ice Cube, to this years classic throwback artist, Lionel Richie. Another major part of the Bonnaroo lineup is what is known as the ”Superjams.” This year’s Superjam will feature “Skrillex and Friends,” Which begs the question, WHO THE HELL WILL SKRILLEX HAVE PLAY WITH HIM? Unfortunately, well just have to wait until the Farm to see what he has in store. Along with Skrillex’s Superjam, a second Superjam has been confirmed, but it has not been released, so look forward to seeing who is headlining that in the upcoming month.

The comedy lineup is also still highly anticipated. Bonnaroo is known for having big name comedians such as Aziz Ansari, Daniel Tosh and Louis C.K. and I doubt this year will disappoint. Announcements to be released later this month.

So there you have it, the Bonnaroo 2014 lineup has been released, but thankfully not finalized. With the addition of a handful of more bands, including a few more major surprises, the lineup will top out at 150 artists.

Tickets go on sale on February 22, 2014 on Bonnaroo’s website, so make sure you get yours because they go fast.

When we hear something new, we’ll let you know. In the mean time I look forward to seeing you this year at the Farm! Radiate Positivity everybody.

Michael Tozeski

Twitter: _tozeski


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