Arizona Town Infested With Stray Chihuahuas… Wait What?


(ABC)- Stray chihuahuas are causing a canine conundrum in the west Phoenix neighborhood of Maryvale, Ariz. Not only are animal control officers worried about the health threats from dog bites and unsanitary conditions from feces, but local Phoenix tv station KSAZ says it’s hard for kids to walk to school. Maryvale resident Ray Rios told the tv station “they are out here chasing kids or going yard to yard . . . anywhere in groups of eight to twelve just running around.” BC 15 reports Phoenix-area animal sheltershave dealt with an overflow of chihuahuas in the past. Even the Arizona Chihuahua Rescue Organization says all its foster homes are full. Animal Care and Control officers blame overpopulation. “Part of it is these animals aren’t spayed or neutered, so they’re out looking for a mate and are having babies, which also contributes to the problem,” Melissa Gable, spokeswoman for Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, told ABC News. Residents who spot one of these stray dogs should try to safely trap them in a fenced-in yard and call animal control, Gable also told ABC News. Chihuahuas are an alert breed, but can be sensitive to cold, according to the American Kennel Club. The Arizona Chihuahua Rescue Organization says people should dress this breed in protective clothes when temperatures drop under 45 degrees. If you live in the area and are interested in adoption, head to

So Sochi better listen up here because this is how you deal with a dog problem. You don’t exterminate the poor pooches, but catch them and put them in homes. You Russian nuts can’t do anything right, but here in the U.S.A. we do things the right way (Except for anything that goes through the Florida Judicial System i.e. Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman.) So take that Mr. Putin and learn how a real superpower does. The cold war may be over, but we were definitely the victors.

Now back to the article. Now this whole thing is hilarious little Chihuahuas running the streets of Arizona in gangs attacking kids. I mean the mental picture is funny and terrifying all at the same time, but lets hope that this issue gets resolved, and that these dogs find homes.

Disgusting Sochi Olympic Organizers Hire Pest Control Firm To Exterminate Stray Dogs During Winter Olympics

Stray dog Sochi

(The Guardian)-  A pest control company in the Winter Olympics host city of Sochi has been given a contract to exterminate dogs during the Games. Alexei Sorokin, director general of Basya Services, said his company was involved in the “catching and disposing” of dogs. Thousands of stray dogs are roaming the streets of Sochi, according to Sorokin, who said some were biting children. He said he attended a rehearsal of the Olympic opening ceremony last week and saw a stray dog walking in on the performers. “A dog ran into the Fisht Stadium; we took it away,” he said. “God forbid something like this happens at the actual opening ceremony. This will be a disgrace for the whole country.” Stray dogs are not uncommon in Sochi and the surrounding area, and many tend to gather near construction sites where they are likely to get food and shelter from workers. Some have been able to get inside the Olympic Park.Sorokin’s company operates in the Krasnodar region, including Sochi. He refused to say how many dogs it killed each year, calling it a commercial secret. Last year a politician from the Krasnodar region supported the dog culling. Sergei Krivonosov said taking the dogs off the street was Russia’s “responsibility to the international community and their elimination is the quickest way to solve this problem”. He conceded, however, that this was not the most humane way of dealing with the problem, and said authorities should encourage dog shelters. Sochi city hall announced a contract to catch and dispose of stray dogs in Sochi, but animal activists protested against the move. Authorities pledged to give up the practice and build animal shelters for stray dogs instead. Activists say there is no evidence that a shelter has been built.

I know the Cold War is over, but this makes me think that the Russian authorities are the worst people in the entire world. I mean the one thing that pisses me off more than people that hurt kids, are people that hurt animals, and these Russian officials are doing just that so needless to say I’m pissed off. Who does that? Can’t these bone headed Olympic organizers do what Animal Planet Does during the Super Bowl, a puppy olympics of some sort, just instead of cute pampered pooches we can watch these lovable stray  dogs run around on mountains, or something. I mean give me a break. Here ends the rant.


P.S. The puppy bowl might have been more exciting than the actual Super Bowl…